About You & Me

The quote “God is in the details” by Ludwig Mies Vander Rohe, expresses that detail matters and I try to honour this in my work.

Nature is a well of inspiration that will never run dry and has been a reliant muse to artists over the centuries for good reasons. I have always been drawn to the sea and the treasures it shares; the test of a sea urchin or the tenacity and structure of the simple barnacle, there is such an abundance of beautiful things to choose from. I use the glazed and unglazed ceramic side-by-side to reflect the symbiotic relationship of a shell and the flesh within. I enjoy exploring the endless possibilities of using slip for producing detailed textures often utilizing common household items for impressions and also for application. Once you start looking beyond an object's original purpose you find a never-ending supply of amazing tools.

As I get older I’m becoming drawn to the ideas of reincarnation and reinvention, as the impossibility of exploring all of the different facets of ceramics in one lifetime becomes more apparent to me as I spend my days joyfully lost in the process.

"Darrens objects remind me of a seen before animal, yet appear alien. Fascinating!"

 Markus Ehrhard, designer for Ornito silver jewelry, (Germany)

“Stumbled across your work today. It’s outstanding and makes my heart sing by just looking at it”

 Janin Mac Gabhann

“Mother Nature shines through you”

 Gayle Fiato (New York)

“So very fantastic, love your work, organic and funky”

 Fiona Newton (New Zealand)

“The Beauty ….does not look man-made!!”

 Carla Kinnee (Michigan)

"I am very happy. My urchin arrive today. It is so beautiful, better than every picture
And the packaging was perfect to go around the Worldwide"

Barbara K. (Germany)


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Find out how I changed my job and it changed my life and found myself immersed in the world of ceramics.

Photograph of myself working in my good friend Robert Lee's Studio was taken by another of my very talented friends Lynda K. Visual Feasts