About You & Me

The quote “God is in the details” by Ludwig Mies Vander Rohe, expresses that detail matters and I try to honor this when making each of my ceramic forms.

Inspired by nature I spend happy hours lost channeling my passion into each piece in the hope that when living with them in your home, holding a piece in your hands or just gazing upon them, you will also be inspired to go out into nature and revel in its calming beauty.

I am on a mission to bring people back outside; to walk across an open field, to sit beneath a tree or feel the sand between your toes, because I know some of our favorite moments when all worries and fears dissolve and your mind clears, usually occur when you find yourself in Nature. I hope that my work or even by reading these few lines will get someone back out there, if only to stand on your own lawn in bare feet and wriggle your toes (you will smile).

“Stumbled across your work today. It’s outstanding and makes my heart sing by just looking at it”

 Janin Mac Gabhann

“Mother Nature shines through you”

 Gayle Fiato (New York)

“So very fantastic, love your work, organic and funky”

 Fiona Newton (New Zealand)

“The Beauty ….does not look man-made!!”

 Carla Kinnee (Michigan)

"I am very happy. My urchin arrive today. It is so beautiful, better than every picture
And the packaging was perfect to go around the Worldwide"

Barbara K. (Germany)


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Find out how I changed my job and it changed my life and found myself immersed in the world of ceramics.

Photograph of myself working in my good friend Robert Lee's Studio was taken by another of my very talented friends Lynda K. Visual Feasts